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            Chairman Kang Wangru visited CCA (China Construction America) and travelled to Panama for short-term work
            Date:2017-07-07 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]


              June 20, invited by CCA, the company party secretary, chairman Kang Wangru, deputy general manager Xu Dong, head of the overseas department Chuqing visited the headquarters of CCA in New Jersey. June 23, chairman Kang and his team went to Panama for short-term work.

              During the visit of CCA, Kangwangru met with Yuan Ning, the chairman of CCA, and Wang Dawei,the deputy general manager. They exchanged views on the development strategy of the two companies in recent years. Chairman Kang is given a detailed demonstration on the international operation mode of CCA and the localization of the management model. For our support and assistance to CCA in Latin America, Chairman Yuan Ning expressed his gratitude. The two leaders put forward specific suggestions and measures to establish in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the region.

              Finishing the visit to CCA, chairman Kang went to Panama, met with Shao Gang, the Panama branch manager and Jia Bing ,the deputy manager. They introduced the construction and infrastructure market conditions of Latin American area, the focus of the development of the field and the deployment situation of CCA in Panama and Latin America. Chairman Kang thought that the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and panama provides a great opportunity, the Latin American market has a huge space for development, CSCEC AECOM and CCA can play their respective advantages,sincerely cooperate, and will be able to achieve satisfactory results.

              Since 2015, our company coordinated a number of projects on tracking and bidding with the Panama branch. The projects that are currently in cooperation are: Panama Canal No.4 Bridge Project, the Columbia Cucuta-Pamplona Expressway Project, Panama State Power Plant Infrastructure Engineering and so on.

              After the meeting, Chairman Kang went to the site of the under construction "City of Hope" project for an inspection, and give a cordial condolences and encouragement to the technical staff at the scene from Beijing branch!






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