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            Karachi-Multan-Lahore Motorway Project in Pakistan
            Date:2016-11-14 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]

            The project connects Karachi (the biggest city of Pakistan) in the startingpoint and links Lahore (the second largest city) at the terminal point. Italso passes through some economic center cities such as Multan. Theconstruction of this project will strengthen the bond and communication ofthe economic center cities in the south central of Pakistan, stimulate theeconomic development of the small and medium-sized cities along theproject, enhance the competitive power of cargo in import and export, andimprove the investment climate of Pakistan and so on. As a motorway, thedesign speed of the road is 120km/h. The overall length is 1,020.525km,the lane number is 6/4 and the width of the subgrade is 31.5m/24.2m. Thetotal amount of investment estimate is 837,944,868,118 rupee(about  RMB 83.42 billion)。

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