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            The Expressway Project along the Selbe River in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
            Date:2016-11-14 Font-size:[ Big Middle Little ]

                The project is located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The overall length of theproject is 25.236km, and the whole line is new road. The viaduct-form isadopted in the main urban area while the subgrade-form is taken into usin the rest section except for the river-cross sections and interchangesections. As an expressway, the design speed of the road is 80km/h inthe main urban area while 100km/h in the suburb area. The typical widthof the subgrade is 18.6m. It’s two-way with 4 lanes and the pavement

            structure adopts asphalt concrete. There are 10 interchanges, 3 aisles, 4overpasses and 23 bridges. The overall length of the bridge in mainline is4,970m. The civil and erection cost is about RMB2.35 billion。




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